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    About Tiptipot

    We produced the Tiptipot series by thinking of one thing only-about your child.

    This is a series of medications and supplements that are specially designed for children from birth and are intended for them in a special way.

    So that every parent can be sure that he gives his child the best.

    Tiptipot products are based on several important principles:

    • Age-adjusted targeting, not prescribing: In the past, infants would receive the same medication as adults, in a different dose - without regard to the child's needs and body limitations. Tiptipot products are more accurate for the child
    • Adjustment by weight: The dosage is determined by the child's weight and not by age, as was the case in the past. Instead of giving each baby the same amount, the dose is tailored to your child (there is a big difference between each baby , even at the same age ...)
    • Small quantity - large portion: Each dose of Tiptipot contains the dosage needed, but the smallest amount given today - so that your little one can swallow it easily and to be able to provide the exact dosage easily
    • Very tasty - and without sugar: All Tiptipot products come in the most favorite flavors for children, even though they are made without the addition of sugar - and for the health of your children
    • Uncompromising quality: The series products meet the strictest standards of the pharmaceutical world and the Ministry of Health
    • Only one active ingredient in each drug: a single, proven, active and recognized substance, and safe to use - from birth, and therefore throughout the development of your toddler. This is another important advantage: in the case of an allergic reaction to the drug, it is very easy to discover the cause of the problem and treat.
    • Production according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health: Recently, the Ministry has changed many regulations and even toughened with manufacturers.

    Based on these qualities, which exist in each product, our series of drugs and supplements is created, which is first and foremost adapted to your child's needs, and accompanies him throughout his first years in every common and disturbing problem that afflicts almost every toddler.

    The Tiptipot series expresses one of the important goals of the pharmaceutical company CTS - to provide a real solution and effective treatment for toddlers, one that will make them easier - and will make their parents' lives easier. Tiptipot products are designed to treat problems such as gas, accumulation of runny nose and mucus, congestion and respiratory distress, pain, fever, cough and more.

    All products are manufactured in Israel by an Israeli-owned company, CTS, which has almost 100 years experience in the pharmaceutical world.

    The production of the products is done in factories that meet the strictest standards in Israel and abroad. These plants place great emphasis on protecting the environment and producing 'green' so that your baby will also enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment. Accordingly, the company's employees are meticulous in maintaining a cost-effective work environment, saving energy, using renewable energy sources and recyclable materials.

    In addition to this, CTS operates in all its subsidiaries and subsidiaries, in accordance with the prestigious ISO 14001 and SOHAS 18001 standards.

    In addition to this, the company is committed to contributing to the community, in a continuous and ongoing manner, in many areas such as welfare, health, culture and education through Keren Cohen, which was established by the company precisely for this purpose in 1970. The company contributes to the needy, invests in enriching youth, With disabilities in the labor market and produces products adapted to specific populations.


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