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Baby Buzz Recommends: Top Places to Tour with Kids
Do you have little ones at home? Challenging, sleepless nights, hours being held and a dream of one day being able to sit alone yet again. It’s unlikely that the first thing you’re thinking of as a weekend outing is a hike in nature or camping trip. But, when you do it, you’ll discover that the crash of water and the chirping of birds, vast expanses and blue skies serve as the perfect background for a family outing with little ones.

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Mosquito Bites - Why They’re Itchy and Even Dangerous
The change in seasons and transient weather form the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquito bites can cause itchy skin and even transmit diseases. How can we protect our children from them and treat them properly?Read more
Geranium Oil - Get to Know the Geranium Plant’s Virtues
The geranium plant is known for its pleasant fragrance and beautiful flowers it. But besides being one of Israel’s most popular ornamental plants, it is also known for its many medicinal properties. Read on to learn more.Read more
Who Knows About Citronella Oil?
Citronella oil is known to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. Its pleasant, lemony scent naturally wards off mosquitoes and it is recommended for use for people of all ages, especially children and infants. Want to know more about it?Read more
Is There a Link Between Infant Colds and Teething?
Many infants suffer from runny noses in the days before a new tooth erupts, but studies show that there is no real connection between the two. So why do colds appear alongside teething and how do you deal with them? Everything you need to know, right here.Read more
The Teething Phenomenon - When to Head to the Doctor
Does your infant have a fever? Are they irritable and without an appetite? Do they suffer from a diaper rash and lack of sleep? All these symptoms could be linked to teething, but they might not be. Here’s a complete guide to distinguishing normal teething in infants, from illnesses that require medical examination.Read more
Teething Pain in Infants - How to Relieve their Suffering
Like the first smile, steps and other wondrous moments, teething will accompany your little one’s first year, only with less pleasure. Many infants cry, scream and suffer from teething pain. Today, there’s no need to suffer in pain. There are effective ways to relieve infant teething pain and calm their suffering.Read more
How to Identify Teething Pains in Infants
Your infant is drooling, spends lots of time stuffing their hands into their mouth, has no appetite and can’t sleep. Sounds like they could be suffering from teething pains. Read on to learn all the signs of teething, as well as those symptoms that do not actually indicate teething in infants.

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Does Your Infant Have a Cold? Here’s How to Cope With a Stuffy Nose
The cold is one of those winter illnesses, and for little ones, it’s particularly vexing, as they cannot blown their own noses. Their sleep is disrupted, their appetite decreases and they become restless - just some of the side-effects of colds in infants. As such, many parents turn to doctors and Tipat Chalav (well baby clinic) nurses for help relieving the phenomenon. We’ve culled all the answers to the most common questions about colds and coughs, right here.
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