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5 Tips To Make Life Easier on Nursing Women

  • To relieve breast engorgement and reduce pain, buy or rent a breast pump and pump just a little bit before each feed.
  • In order to enable some rest, create a daily schedule for you and your infant and use it to base proper nursing habits off of. Allow your spouse to help out and give one nighttime bottle feed, so you can get some uninterrupted sleep.
  • Ensure your daily menu is balanced with healthy food. Be sure to drink a lot throughout the day.

Many women struggle with questions, problems and even unpleasant situations related to nursing. Often, support and assistance from a professional, like a lactation consultant or Tipat Chalav nurse (well-baby nurse) can help you overcome the obstacles and nurse with greater ease. Nursing is an important factor in your child’s normal development. As such, we’ve gathered for you a list of five tips that will make your life easier as a nursing mother:

Get to know your breast pump and use it:
One of the most common nursing-related experiences is engorgement, which take place when a large amount of milk builds up, making the breast heavy. To relieve discomfort and continue to nurse your infant pleasantly and pain-free, get to know your new best friend - your breast pump. Purchasing or renting a good pump can serve as the ideal solution to your engorgement problem. Pumping a small amount of milk will enable you to relieve engorgement and reduce the sensation of pain, significantly.

Create a schedule for you and your infant:
Another problem that afflicts many nursing mothers is the feeling that they are constantly enslaved to the nursing process and that, even though they enjoy nursing, their entire day revolves around it. A fixed daily schedule from the first days of your infant’s life can help you establish proper nursing habits. Your infant won’t want to nurse all the time, but rather will get used to fixed and orderly feeding times, which will enable you to rest and catch up on other tasks, especially during those first postpartum days, during which your infant mainly eats and sleeps.

Allow your spouse to feed baby once a night:
Many women wake up multiple times a night to feed their infants. Using a breast pump once a day to enable your spouse to bottle feed once a night will enable you to gain an extra hour or two of nighttime sleep. Allow your spouse to feed your infant during the wee hours of the morning (or late at night), so you can sleep uninterrupted until the next feed.

Implement a healthy and balanced daily diet:
To enjoy a more comfortable nursing experience, you’ll need to meet your own needs as well. Healthy, nourishing food that does not contain preservatives, refined sugar or empty carbohydrates can significantly improve your nursing habits and spare your infant unpleasant gas, stomach aches and other issues. It is recommended to look into which foods cause you discomfort and sensitivities, and which foods leave you feeling energetic and healthier - and eat those as part of three balanced daily meals. Also be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day.

Get used to nursing outside of the house:
Whether you’re using a nursing cover that conceals any exposed body parts, ot you’re pumping breast milk using a pump and feeding from a bottle when you feel uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to nursing in any situation, even outside of the house. This will enable you to get out more, feel less chained down and enjoy your maternity leave, trips, vacations, etc. It is the key to daytime flexibility, wherever and whenever.

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