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Is There a Link Between Infant Colds and Teething?

  • Some babies have no side effects during new teething.
  • Most parents report side effects of varying degrees of severity in the days before a new tooth eruption, leading to fever and rhinitis.
  • There is no direct connection between teething and fever and rhinitis.
  • Most doctors believe that this is an indirect connection to the body's condition during teething.

Many infants suffer from runny noses in the days before a new tooth erupts, but studies show that there is no real connection between the two. So why do colds appear alongside teething and how do you deal with them? Everything you need to know, right here.

There are many infants who do not suffer from any side effects while cutting new teeth. They have no fever, no special pains, no sleepless nights and no runny noses. But those tend to be the neighbor’s kids. Most parents report teething side-effects that vary in their severity in the days before a new tooth emerges, with the most common being fever and runny noses.

In recent years, several medical studies have focused on examining the link between teething and its various side-effects. In most cases, the results were conclusive: there is no direct link between teething, fever and the common cold. Most doctors estimate that there is an indirect connection related to the state of the infant’s body while they teethe.
What does the infant’s body undergo while teething?
While still in the womb, the infant’s teeth grow within the gums and remain completely hidden from the human eye. At around 6 months of age, a process begins in which the teeth begin to sprout upwards, erupt from beneath the gums and enter the mouth. As this process involves the teeth cutting through the “meat” of the gums, it can cause much pain.

What’s more, during the teething process, the infant’s immune system is weakened, making them more vulnerable to viruses and other infectants. The runny nose your infant suffers from is, in essence, a virus that infiltrated the infant’s upper respiratory system and caused a localized infection. If the mucus is accompanied by a fever that lasts longer than 24 hours and rises above 38 degrees, your infant is likely ill and should receive medical care.

How can you relieve an infant suffering from a runny nose while teething?

  • Humidifier: In the case of a stuffy nose, you can use Taftafim’s eucalyptus essence to relieve their breathing. The essence contains aromatherapeutic oils and can be dripped on a cloth diaper and placed near the infant.
  • Incline: When your infant sleeps, mucus can drip from their upper respiratory tract and into the throat causing discomfort and coughing, which can lead to night wakings. To prevent this, roll a towel and place it below your infant’s mattress to create an incline, promoting better sleep.
  • Warm bath: Warm water calms the body and helps release mucus from the nose.
  • Saline nasal spray: A spray or drops that contain salt water helps to dry the mucus and can be bought over-the-counter at any pharmacy.
  • Prevention of red noses: Excessive nose wiping can lead to irritated and red noses. Taftafim Afgel is a unique gel enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera that calms the irritated area.

How to relieve pain and fever

  • Cold food and fruit popsicles cool the area, serve as natural anesthetics and help relieve pain, while occupying the infant and distracting them from their teething pains.
  • Teethers: Biting calms the pain, but it is important that you ensure the teether is safe, and cannot come apart and lead to choking.
  • Medications: If teething pains disrupt your infant’s daily routine, or if they have a fever higher than 38.5 degrees, you can administer a fever reducer or pain reliever designed for use in infants from birth - one that has paracetamol as an active ingredient and has been proven to be effective in the treatment of teething.

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