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Who Knows About Citronella Oil?

  • Citronella oil, already known for years as a great, natural mosquito repellant, can be found in nearly all bug sprays.
  • Citronella oil is effective and suitable for use for people of all ages, as it is a natural substance.
  • The oil produced from the citronella plant contains many healing properties.
  • Citronella oil is for external use only, and can be spread, massaged, dripped into a bath or cloth, etc. 

Citronella oil is known to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. Its pleasant, lemony scent naturally wards off mosquitoes and it is recommended for use for people of all ages, especially children and infants. Want to know more about it?

We love medicinal plants. These wonders offer natural solutions to common ailments. And when it comes to infants and children, we always prefer using natural substances over chemical solutions.

You’ve certainly heard about citronella, but what do you really know about it? Citronella oil, known for years as a natural insect repellent, can be found in nearly all bug sprays on the market. Its strong scent wards off mosquitoes like magic. At the start of summer and the arrival of swarms of mosquitoes, it is recommended to have this oil on hand and use it to naturally get rid of mosquitoes, and more. Let’s learn a little more about this oil.

What is citronella oil?

First of all, don’t feel uncomfortable for not knowing this. Citronella oil is produced from the leaves and stems of various species of Nardus Cymbopogon, a perennial clumping grass that looks like tall grass, much like lemongrass. It can be found in southeast Asia and is extremely popular in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indonesia, and even southern Florida and southern California.

If you’ve ever stumbled upon an advertisement for a plant that banishes mosquitoes, it’s likely referring to the perennial פלקטרנתוס (could not find translation) plant, which has been hailed as great for repelling mosquitoes and relieving mosquito bites. This plant also can be used to produce an oil, one that resembles citronella oil, but citronella oil is far superior. In essence, citronella oil is the strongest substance that nature has presented to naturally repel mosquitoes.

The major citronella oil manufacturers can be found in China and Indonesia. They produce 40% of the world’s citronella oil supply. The citronella oil sold as a mosquito and bug repellent was first registered for sale in the US in 1948.

Who is it suitable for?

Citronella oil is suitable and effective for use for people of all ages, as it is a natural solution.

Advantages and properties of citronella oil

Citronella oil has long been hailed as a natural and effective mosquito repellent, but studies have also found that the oil produced from the citronella plant has many healing properties. Here are some other advantages this oil offers:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties, effective in sterilization
  • Effective in treating wounds, fungi and infections
  • Effective at warming and relieving muscle and joint pain
  • Repels bugs, lice, fleas, etc.

How to use citronella oil

 Citronella oil is for external use only. You can spread it, massage it, drip it into your bath or onto a cloth and use it in other applications. Here are some recommendations:

  • Bath: Place 2-3 drops into the bath water. For an infant’s bath, a single drop will suffice.
  • Massage: Dilute the oil in a basic oil, such as almond oil, and massage it into the body. Note that you need just one drop of citronella oil for ever teaspoon of basic oil.
  • Sterilization: You can use citronella oil to sterilize itchy, mosquito-bitten skin, or any other itchy wound. Dilute a drop of citronella oil in a teaspoon of basic oil and spread it on the afflicted area using a cotton ball.
  • Diffuser: Drip a few drops on your home windows and doors, or on the furniture and sheets. The scent of the citronella oil will repel the mosquitoes from the vicinity. You can also drop 3-4 drops of citronella oil into a diffuser or humidifier to spread the scent. Geranium oil is also useful in accomplishing this goal.
  • Gargling: To relieve teeth pain and suspected infections, gargle a cup of water that contains 3 drops of citronella oil. Do not swallow - spit it out.
  • Compress: To relieve fever or an infection accompanied by pain, drip 3-4 drops of citronella oil into a bowl of cold or warm water and soak a cloth or cotton ball in the water, before placing it on your afflicted area for a period of 10 minutes.

Caution: People with high blood pressure, those who have heart conditions or are after surgery should not soak in an oil infused bath.

To sum, citronella oil is a natural solution for repelling mosquitoes and relieving many other medical issues. The infant skin is most sensitive to chemicals - let nature give your child the best of the best. Enjoy your summer!

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